Kýrie, eléison, down the road that I must travel, Kýrie, eléison, through the darkness of the night

What seems only like a swimmingly solid pop song on the surface, peels back to reveal a song of deeper meaning... after reading the Wikipedia article, I finally know what the hell they're saying in the chorus and it's not "Carrying a Laser"


"The words to "Kyrie" were written by Arizona-born lyricist John Lang who co-wrote the songs on all of Mr. Mister's albums. The music was composed by Richard Page and Steve George while on tour with Adam Ant."

"Kýrie, eléison means "Lord, have mercy" in Greek, and is a part of many liturgical rites in Eastern and Western Christianity. Kýrie, eléison; Christé, eléison; Kýrie, eléison is a prayer that asks "Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy". According to Page the entire song is, essentially, a prayer."

And now you know...



The 1985 music video by Mr. Mister

The most respected Call letters in the county...

Is Channel X of course.  We listened to nothing but this radio station the entire weekend.  90's ballads upon 80's ballads, sandwiched between 'Iko Iko' and 'Tonight's the Night'. Only to be followed by Miley Cyrus. Which reminds me, we heard this song on the station, and it's the best song I've ever heard

Friend and member of the Doing Good Band Travis Cyr is a divining rod for connecting people together and booked us at the Eureka Music Hall. 

Here's a list of random things from the weekend:

  • Poutine Pizza
  • Madawaska Lake
  • Channel X
  • Fucked up Ice Movement
  • Dan Capaldi: Ghost-Hunter
  • Peeenies Tyte
  • Scott Mohler's Beaver Pond

Here's a gallery from the first night by photographer Don Eno


The French Connection

with Line of Force, John Nels, and Gabrielle Raymond.

Frank Hopkins from Line of Force writes: 

"When was the last time you said to yerself, 'Self! Whatever happened to the good ol' days, when you could throw on yer pshoes and yer dickies and just go to town. Some people might called you a crusspot, but you don't care, there, you just go across the border to a magical place of rainbows and dance the night away feelin' fine? A place where Moosehead and Labatt Blue flow like the mighty Fish River... a place where cheese and fries and gravy and really really thin funny pancakes coexist together in perpetual harmony and you can call the town cops 'Doody' and 'Dick' not because you are making fun of them, but because that is their actual name? Well saddle up, friends, we're gonna make that happen right here in Portlands. Come do good. 

Featuring a few folks who hail from the great north playing instruments and singing some songs and grooving on some great grooves. Maybe you will do the Bee-Jay's shuffle, maybe not. Maybe we will all be taking a giant 'Who Reads The St. John Valley Times' pic at the stroke of midnight..maybe not. Maybe we'll just share our favorite police beat moment, and that takes up the whole night. You'll never know until you come by and remember.... when you're doing good, always try to do a little better!"

Poster by: Will Stewart